Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fear not for Bjorn

This is Bjorn.
Bjorn is indestructable.

Oh really, you say?
Ikea rats are all alike. How do we know that it's not a new Bjorn every time? Ikea rats are not all the same!
Their teeth are attached any which way. That's Laars on the right, with nice, even, well-behaved teeth. Britta's stick out in front. Bjorn has one of each. And his left arm is too short.
Bjorn is not defeated by Diabolical Sudoku puzzles.
Bjorn goes nose to nose with toothy tyrannosaurs.
Bjorn braves the black cat.
Bjorn is proof against extremes of temperature.

Jugged Rat
Just fine!
Bjorn under one brick.
Bjorn under two bricks.
Bjorn in a fist.
Bjorn resists!
Don't worry about him playing dead.
He's just hoping for a belly-rub.


Titus said...

I never realised I needed a rat in my life until I met Bjorn.

steven said...

nanu someone's going to find you and lock you up you know!!! soooo excelent and funny. i laughed out loud - my daughter hasn't come downstairs yet but this'll be her first (and probably best) treat of the day. thanks~~~ steven

martine said...

He is truly indestructible:-) Love this blog. thanks for sharing