Monday, March 21, 2011

March outing

Hey Laars, let's take this train.
Yeah, it's a good one. I want this front seat here.
Um, I'm not sure you're allowed. I think we have to sit inside the train.
Look! The castle in Montluçon is guarded by gargoyles.
They're pretty cool.

Hey! It's got me! Lemme go!

This traveling by dino-taxi looks fun.
Yes, but it isn't very fast. I told it to take us to the nearest pizza, and we're still here.
Maybe there isn't any pizza in Gannat.
There's always pizza. Trust me. I know pizza.
Ohhhh, that's why. It's only a model.

The sign says No Bathing, hmm? Right. I don't think anybody will be bathing here any time soon. Not until they put some water in.

Had enough adventure yet?

Never! But I am coming over all peckish. Let's go get some dinner.

Yeah, let's go.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The fresh air

Well, here we are, Laars.
Yep. Here we are.
What are we doing here, again?
We're enjoying the fresh air of the countryside.
Ah. Yes. Here we are.


That's a manure-spreader coming our way, isn't it?


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

6-Nations, week 3

Here we are, all set for a Stunning Saturday of Rugby! I'm rooting for Italy still. They have the best food.
Italy, Schmitaly. They don't ever win at this game.
They beat Canada.
Luxembourg could beat the Canada at rugby.
They beat, who was it, Romania!
U-huh. Like Romania really plays rugby either.
Look! Look! They're winning! They got a goal vs Wales!
Well, they got the one goal. That was fun.
And then they were thrown to the ground.
And outrun.
And outtackled.
And thrown to the ground some more.Let's put this debacle behind us and watch France vs England. Now there's rugby!

Oh no! England scores again.
Rougerie fumbles in the end zone!

That's it. We lost.
Let's watch something better.
Yeah! That's more like it.
You do realise this is not a French, or even Italian show...
Who cares? It's Doctor Who!