Thursday, September 8, 2011

A rabbit goes to Stockholm

 The train! The train to Stockholm! Here it is!
 This is my buddy Luis. He and Mev live in Lund, but we went to Stockholm last week, just to see it.
Because it's there.
 I met lots of fun characters in Stockholm. They were everywhere!
 This fox-lady sitting by one of the canals was very nice.
Didn't even try to eat me.
 Swedish pastries are excellent! I like to taste the pastry wherever we go. I could just live on pastry.
The coffee was alright.

 hey? feeling okay?
 Mmmm! raspberry crumble and beer for lunch!
This vacation thing is a deal!
Really, the hot sandwiches were on their way, and not all the beer was mine...
 Another interesting character. Strong, silent type.
I don't know what this guy was speechifying about, but he did have a crowd.
After that it was time to go home.