Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We're going to Ussel!
I don't know why. We just are.
It's a nice little town.
Very quiet, and grey.
It's got a neat-o statue.
There were no actual people dancing in the streets on this cold and windy weekend.
The people were mostly smart and stayed in.
We were not quite so smart.
We went for a long walk around,
in the occassional snow, looking for that special Ussel thing.
In the park somebody had left a collection of beer bottle caps.
That was about it.
Here's my favorite part!
Sitting in a bar having a nice hot coffee before catching our ride home.

Monday, February 15, 2010


It looks like we're having snow this winter after all.

This clearing the walk is hard work.
I wonder if my cape has Super Snow Removal powers.

At the least, it'll be warm.
Now, where did I put it?

I could have sworn I folded it neatly and put it away...

Hey! Alien Guy!
My name is Warren, and I'm a gecko, not an alien.
Yeah whatever.
We've got this great Superhero cape for you!

A superhero cape?
Yeah! It's got all sorts of super powers, like Incredible Strength, and X-ray vision.
Try it on.
Well, it would be nice to have help getting rid of all this snow.
It can do that!

Instant Spring.
Hi Laars. Have you seen my Superhero cape?
Who, me? No. Never saw it.
I've just been sitting here reading The Economist.
Now, you stay here and think real hard about warm weather and chirping birds and all that spring business, and
Thanks, guys. I'll concentrate on Warm.
Hi Astrid, Hi Bjorn, have you seen my Superhero cape?
Nope. Never did. Didn't touch it.


Hey, what are you doing with the knitting, anyway?
We're helping!
You're such nice, helpful rats.
Where's Warren? Anybody seen Warren?
He's been gone all day.
Uhhhh, I think he said something about phoning home.
Oh, Okay. Let me know if you see him around.

*the next morning*
It's still out there!

It doesn't look like this Instant Spring thing is working...

I'd go in for some coffee,
but I seem to be frozen.
Oh there you are Warren, I've been looking all over for you!
I see you found my Superhero cape!
Let's go in and get some hot coffee.
Good idea.
Look, Nancy swept the stairs for us,
and cleared the walk.
And she didn't even use Superpowers!

About those superpowers, Maurice...