Friday, August 17, 2012

The Apple Grabber

Those apples are really up high.
But they look really good.
My superhero cape is temporarily on the fritz, 
but I am in luck!
Nancy has invested in this cool grabber thing.
Easy as pie!
And pie might just be on the menu.
I'll just stay and pick a peck of apples.
Um, it's fun up here, but I'm ready to come down now.
Hey, it's a great view, but could I come down?
Thanks, but ow!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Harvesting Mirabelles

 Hey, Bjorn, will you give me a hand picking these mirabelle plums, please?

 Ah, sure. I'll be up there in a minute. I'll just start off by tasting these here in the basket, see if they're good. I wouldn't want us to spend all morning picking bad plums.

Aren't you done tasting yet? I could use a hand here!

Inna minnit! Ya gotta test a representative sample. What if 1% of the plums are bad? That requires a lot of testing. And what if the different branches of the tree are different? They don't all get the same amount of sunlight. Could make a big difference.

 That rat!
 Are you done testing them yet?
Ah, almost! I'll be up there in a minute!
Too late. The box is full and it's time to go.
OOooohhh, my stomach hurts. The plums are all good, every one. Why is it that all together in my tummy they are bad?