Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Extra dessert

Look at that! Extra desserts left over from the picnic.
Let's eat!
Not so fast. You rats have to help clean up first.
Clean up?
Do you think he means it?
Darned rabbit. We may as well get it over with.
Dibs on the chocolate one!
I'll race you for it.
My, this grill is really dirty.
Nothing I can't handle!
Are you sure, Laars?
That's all of the dishes.
All put away nice and neat.
I wonder how Laars is doing with the grill?
Aack! A rat!
A strange rat!
Guys! Maurice! It's me, Laars.
That's not Laars. It's all black.
Really, it's me!
You need to be washed, Laars.
I don't want to go! No!
It's for your own good.
We can't let you in the house covered with soot.

Is Laars done washing?
Yes. Britta and Astrid put him out to dry.
I think they might have used a bit too much bleach.
Hey! Lemme down!
I'm dry!
aw c'mon, guys, lemme down.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Building a bookcase

Well, guys, Nancy has been to Ikea and has brought us this bookcase for the guestroom. Let's put it together for her.
Laars! Get out of the way! I'm trying to pound in the pegs here.
You ok, Laars?
I think I'll be alright.
Now it's time to put the top and bottom shelves in place.
What? you have a pain in your tail?
You are a pain in the tail, Bjorn.
You guys bring me the thingamajigs that secure the shelves, please!
Which ones?
I dunno.
Just bring them all.
Now, to secure the back panel, we hammer in these nails.
Lemme try!
Lemme try!
Please please!!
Alright, but you rats be careful with the hammer.
Sorry, Bjorn.
Ow ow ow. My poor little nose.
Maybe you won't be sticking it into so many things now.
Fat chance of that.
That's all for this part! It'll look great once we get the other units up, and the doors on, and all the books in. For now, let's go have some dinner.
Yeah! All that hammering is hard work.
Makes a rat pretty hungry. And bruised.