Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bun Dublin

 Yes, folks, this is two, count them: TWO, posts in the very same week!
 I got to play on some of the statuary.
  This guy seemed nice, but he wasn't very talkative.
I like Dublin parks - no dogs to chase you, and nobody tries to use you as a football.
Now if they would only serve Guinness to Rabbits, it would be perfect.
And that was my trip to Ireland.
See you later this summer, once the rats think of something fun to do in the yard.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bun in Ireland

 Hello hello!
Yes I know, I've been away far too long.
What can I say? I've been in Ireland.
 I went to the Tall Ships Festival in Waterford, where there were tall ships in the water and strange creatures on the quay.
 And I got to see old castles, and sit on the furniture from time to time.
This is me being King.
 I got to ride a rocket.
It seemed to be broken, though.
 The best part was hanging out with Darrell
 and meeting new friends. These are hitchhikers from Dublin.
And of course, you can't go to Ireland without being surrounded by Green.
Here it is!