Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A rabbit in Orleans

It's time to go traveling again!
Let's go check out the Festival of the Loire in Orleans.
I love the kind of festival where you get to sit out in the sun and eat lots and lots of really good food. Like a pot of mussels and fries.
One of the festival-goers takes a break.
The Loire is this big, shallow river that crosses the northwest quarter of France.
They sure are expecting a flood. The river today is at -1 meter. I think I'm safe up here at the 5 meter mark, and the bank goes all the way to 8.
There's a Fish Parade! 32 funly painted carp! This one is definitely my favorite.
Bunnyboy here is celebrating his upcoming wedding. His friends are having way too much fun.
And that was my weekend in Orleans.
See you next time in Bruges!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What's for dinner

Look! Harold! A mountain of steak!
I'll go slay it for you, Marguerite.
Ah! I'm caught!
The claws! The huge claws!

I'll save you, Harold.

Oh no! It's got me too!

We're doomed.
Lemme go! Lemme go!
Pretty pretty please?
... some time later....
-gah- that was close.
Thank goodness it fell asleep.

I'll leap on it from above and wrestle it into submission.
Oooh, that's nice.
So soft and fluffy.
Mmm, you're right. So tender!
Let's eat!
Harold! I'm not getting through. It's too fluffy!
Eh! *cough* I got a hairball.

Let's go for tacos or something.
Yeah. Or a nice carne asada plate, with plenty of onions.
Go easy on the peppers.

I like peppers.
They give you gas.
Do not.
I'm telling you...



Conversation atop a treasure chest

Arr, me bandy bloke. Some hardy bright swag ya got there!
Why, thank you, old chap. Indeed I have been fortunate in my lately endeavors. It is a magnificent day, full of sunshine and the seductive glint of valuable goods. Blow me down! Arrrr. whatcha spewin' there!
Pardon me? I don't follow you, my good gentleman.
Whatcher got in yer gob there? Ye sound like some white-wigged lily-livered tea-sippin' frilly-shirted nancy-boy! Tark like the Pie-rate yarrrrr!
Oh, dear. My most heartfelt apologies, my cherished Hooke-and-Eye. I regret to have missed Talk Like a Pirate Day. My linguistic certification is in suspense. I must speak thusly, with the full correctness of English, until September 19th next.
La vache!
eh, Redde, ken ye borrow me the belle Mouche Noir? Caint be spewin' that fancytalk in front of the crew and all...
Certainly, friend Hooke. You're utterly right. Can't be seen in this state. I'll be taking a back office at the Crimson Permanent Assurance for the duration.
Aye. Arrrr.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Horrible Harold and Monstrous Margeurite

Oh, Harold, you're such a sweetheart to remember my birthday! What a tasty-looking morsel for our dinner!
Let's dig in while its still twitching, Margeurite.
Mmmm, fresh bunny...
Hey! It's getting away!
Stop that rabbit!
Get it, Harold!
Er, it seems to have brought along another of its kind.
You can take it, Harold!
Get it!
We'll be feasting for weeks!

I dunno, Marguerite, it seems awfully large...
Get it! Sink your razor-sharp teeth into its chubby toe there!
Naw, you know what happened the last time, with that stuffed bear thing. Polyester stuffing everywhere. Yuck. I tell you, those things are not good eating.
You're just chicken.
I am not chicken. You just forget you had indigestion for a week last time.
...the size of the thing!...
...yeah, the size of it...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A new friend

This is Mathilde. We just rescued her from the flea market. Everyone gather around and say hello!
That's some interesting marking you have, Mathilde. I don't think I've ever seen purple spots on a bovine before. What kind of cow are you?
I'm a Cash Cow.
Ah, yes. A very rare and highly appreciated breed. Make yourself at home, Mathilde!
Thank you, Maurice, I will. Hey, this is a nice cape you have here. M is for Mathilde!

.Ah, um, *cough*, that's my cape. My superhero cape. It's for superheros...