Monday, June 20, 2011


It's summertime, guys! The cherries are over, but the apricots should be just right.
We don't see any apricots.
Well, you have to have superhero vision this year. There are two up there.
Oh, yeah!
Yeah, whatta crop!
This ladder isn't quite tall enough to get up there.
Here, let me stand on your head.
Now you, Britta, climb up on top of us.
Still not tall enough. You know what that means...
(oh, look, Blogger is having fun deciding which way the photos go, again.)
Sigh. The phonebook trick isn't working.
Hey, smarty, why don't you just use your superflying cape, whizz up there, and get them on the flyby?

uh. The cape seems to be having technical difficulties. Can you think of anything else?
Sure! We're rats! Just climb.
Easy peasy!
Hey, no fair! All that effort, and they're not quite ripe yet.
We'll have to do this all again in three or four days.
All of it?

Well, perhaps we can skip the falling on the ground part.
On the bright side, all that messing around did manage to dislodge the one ripe apricot on the other side of the tree.
Let's eat!