Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Look, Harold! Gingersnaps!

We shall eat them all, Marguerite. A ginger feast.

Arrr! I can't get through!
Arrr! This plastic is too tough!

Never mind that. Gingersnaps are not for tyrannosaurs anyway.
Yeah. Ferocious carnivores like us need meat!

Aha! The mountain of steak!
It shall not escape us this time.

Let's get it!
It's looking at me.
It doesn't seem very worried yet.
Heh heh heh. Prepare to feast!

Did you hear something?
I think I feel hot, fetid breath on my back.
The mountain of steak is smirking.


Run for it!!!!!

Oof, that was close.
I think there was some kibble left in the kitchen.
I hate kibble.

So starve.
Ah, finally. Now maybe a cat can get some sleep around here.


Titus said...

Ah, H and M. Truly my favourites. They really must come and stay.

steven said...

not even one ginger snap for the poor little guys?! that's one very very patient mouser you've got there. steven

Enchanted Oak said...

Hey, NanU! I heard you might host the Poetry Bus. So I've come to see. Love the hunt.