Monday, October 25, 2010

Tree trimming

It is time, my friends, to trim the trees.
Yea! Let's play with the big sharp toys!
I bet this thing could cut Bjorn's tail right off, snicker-snack!
I thought Bjorn was indestructable.
Never mind Bjorn's tail. Let's get to the trees.

Our first target today: the plum next to the house. It just makes way too much noise in the wind when the branches scrape against the window, or the metal shed.

Let's get it!
That's a good start. If it weren't beginning to rain, we could have a pile twice as big.
And then we can have a huge bonfire!
A huge bonfire at night, with dancing and merriment!
Isn't there some appropriate holiday coming up?
There just might be. We'll see if the weather cooperates and the wood is dry enough.


Argent said...

Such industry! If you guys get bored with your trees, I've a massive Leylandii next to my fence that urgently needs some treatment.

steven said...

what about guy fawkes night? i'm glad they take care of each other and don't chop tails off willy nilly. steven