Friday, January 29, 2010


Let's get in the luggage, quick. It's time to leave for Strasbourg.

Hey, isn't it the end of January already?
When are they going to put away the last of the Christmas decorations?
What is it?
It's Art.
Are you sure?

Look! A special treat! The European Parliament!
Oh. How special.
Isn't this exciting!
Is it supposed to be exciting?
Of course it is: It's Parliament!!!

I'm overwhelmed.
Can't you just feel the energy of dedicated men and women working hard for a better, more perfect union of Europe?
Is that what it is? I thought the rumbling was just this pod getting ready to go back to its home planet.

Playing on the swings - that's more like it!
Be careful Warren.

Um, perhaps we can find something fun to do that's both fun, and not so bruising.

We'll watch the swans go by in the canals.

And then we can go find something to eat.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trials of a Gecko

Harold! I'm famished! Let's find some helpless creature to eat.
You're always hungry, Marguerite. Psst! Harold! What's that?
I think it's a gecko.
Really? It looks like an alien. It says "gecko" right on it.
Only if you can't spell.
Geckos are tasty.
Oooh! Let's get it, then!Look! It's making coffee. What's it doing now?
It's reading The Economist.
A gecko that reads The Economist?
You're right, it must be an alien. Do you think it's still tasty?
We're Tyrannosaurs, we'll eat anything!
Oh yeah. Let's go! Hey! What's it got there? A mechanical minion!
It's coming for me!
(We interrupt our programming for technical difficulties. Please stand by.*) It's coming for me! Run!!! Oh no! We've come to the edge of the world.
We'll just have to jump, Marguerite, and hope for the best. Nice toy robot you have there, Warren. Yep. Best 1€30 I ever spent.

(* Harold! There's the Mountain of Steak! Let's get it instead!
Naw. You know what happened last time. It's too fluffy.
Ah, right. But maybe we could go for the Soft Underbelly.)
Focus, Marguerite! We've got this gecko thing in our sights.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Putting Away

Alright everyone, time to take down the holiday decorations. They're fun, but they've been up long enough. Thanks for helping me with the tree ornaments, Warren.
How about if you rats give us a hand?
Oh, we're fine down here.

Afraid of heights.
You rats! Get up there and get the lights!
Awright. Sheesh.

I think we've got them all.

Hey, Maurice, you forgot one!

Aw, let it stay. It's nice to have a bird in the tree. Gives the cats something to think about.
How are you doing with the lights?

Just fine.
They're all down.
Good, now put them neatly in their box.
In the box?
What's he talking about?
I dunno.
Let's go get some cheese.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

More presents!

Hey look! A package from Indiana!

Neat! The latest Hog Eye Navvy album! Somebody must really love us.
Let's go play it right now.

Open the box! We want the big box!
You rats are so impatient.

Mmmm! Rum balls.

Ooohhhh Rum Balls!

We'll have a couple now and save the rest for later. They're very rich, so we wouldn't want to gobble them down all at once.
Hey! Where are you going with that?
Bring those rum balls back here!

Um, We're just going to put them in a safe place.
A safe place where you won't be tempted to eat them all at once.
We'll keep them for you.