Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Here we are driving around Indianapolis.
What? Indy is closed?
I guess we'll just head on south for the rest of our vacation, then.
In Kentucky there was this fun buffalo.
I wanted to invite him along,
but he was chained down.
No shuffling off for this buffalo.
In Nashville I got to meet Elvis!
Finally we got to Alabama, which at first didn't seem like a very friendly place.
We stopped for the day in Cullman, where we went to play in the park.
I got to score all the goals in Rabbit Basketball.
See ya later!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Maurice in Indianapolis

Darrell has a great pillow at his place. With tassels and everything.
Here we are ready for dinner at a Korean Barbeque restaurant. I like barbequed carrots.

What, this isn't the seat for rabbits?

Then we went to Potato Creek park for a fun day of picnicing and canoeing on the lake.

Look at me! Hey! Don't go too far!

Thanks, Dad.
Is it time to go eat the birthday cake yet?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

In the yard

I just love these late spring days,
when the grass starts to get tall,
and the flowers make a really good salad.
What's all that noise?
Maurice! Look!
A monster!
Hey! It's cutting our meadow!
Quick, we must defend our territory.
Look mean.
Look real mean.
Run away!!!!
It almost got us.
It's gone over by the apple tree now.
oooo, that was close.
We should be safe up here on the ladder.
But all our tasty flowers are gone.
True, but now you can see the cats coming.
Yeah, there is that.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Hey, Bjorn, these cherries are really good!
Laars! Will you pick some cherries for Astrid and me?
Psst, Bjorn! The big boss wants some cherries.
Just wait, Astrid, Laars and Bjorn and Britta will bring us some, and we'll have a picnic.
Ah, thanks, guys. Appreciate it!
You sure you have enough? We can get more!
Yeah, yeah, Laars, we're good here. Thanks!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Maurice has email!

just to let you all know,
I now have my very own email address, where you can contact me directly. If anybody wants to talk to a pink rabbit, that it.