Friday, June 26, 2009

Hey look, I've got a new friend. What do you think I should name him?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We're going canoeing, yea!!!!

Um, do I get to have a spot in the canoe?

Good idea. Bjorn and I can have our own canoe. Now if only we could reach the paddles.
It's a beautiful day for a float down the Buffalo.
Let's go swimming! Let's see if Bjorn can swim.
Yep. He does the rat crawl, the rat sidestroke, and the rat backstroke (which is kind of indistinguishable from his drowned-rat float).
My turn!
Oh. Rabbits don't swim so well.
At least we don't sink. Anybody bring towels? No? Oh. Well, the squish technique does get most of the water out.

We made it down from Tyler Bend all the way to Gilbert. I'm going to dry off and have a couple of carrots while waiting for Dad to come pick us up.
Can you tell which rat went on the river?

Friday, June 5, 2009


They've got some great towns here in the South.
They could put a whole town underground in this cavern.
Hey, turn the lights on, will you?

Danger! Do not get too close to the edge!
Dinner for Dad.
And that was our outing in the Ozarks.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


He he he: I'm on vacation again. It's a rabbit's life.
Here I am with Dad looking at the map of Missouri. They're pretty clever in this state, the way they hide the middle part of the map behind the doors. Keep some mystery for us.
But we're not here to see Missouri anyway. Our mission today is Mississippi. First stop: lunch in a park. They promise a lake down the road.
Then on to Wall Doxie State Park, near Holly Springs. I like it - the trees sit in the lake with their knees up.
Here's Dad and me looking at the map.In the morning we found a bigger lake, one with mist on it and guys out fishing but it doesn't have a fun swampy area where the trees sit with their knees out.
Hiking around this lake we heard lots of different kinds of birds, and made a rare sighting of the elusive Straight Bristled Toothbrush, in it's Blue Phase.
After that we drove through a lot of small towns on the Delta, and crossed into Arkansas. Rosie's Kitchen was closed. There isn't much open on Sundays in some places. But we found nourishment at a mexican restaurant in West Helena, and eventually made it to Mountain Home.
Catch ya'll later!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Racing in Mississippi

At the starting line. Off we go!
I win!!!
The agony of defeat.