Sunday, September 5, 2010

Batmen to the Rescue

Hey, rats, let's go outside and pick some apples for a nice apple crumble tonight. I'll use my superhero cape to fly up and get them.

Where's my cape? I know I put it right here, next to my lab coat and my rucksack & hat. Are you sure one of you rats didn't "borrow" it to play with?
Oh, no, Boss!
We never would.
We're good rats.

I don't see it here in the ornament box.

Not in the linen drawer.
Wherever can it be?? We've looked everywhere!
Maybe it was stolen.
Yeah, maybe The Forces of Evil have nicked it.
Oh, my. That doesn't sound good. Not good at all.

Batman! I need your help! My flying Superhero cape has been stolen.
A Superhero cape stolen! Just think what dastardly deeds the Forces of Evil might do if they get their hands on it.
We must get it back.
Hey Batman, we need your help!
What can I do for you, my fellow denizens of the dark?
Maurice's Superhero cape is missing. He thinks we lost it, but we never did!
Never touched it!
Alright. I will help you find it, to clear your good names.
Hey! Who are you?
I'm Batman. That's obvious! Who are you?
I'm the one who's Batman!
You can't be Batman, you don't have a cape.
I am too Batman. I've got those neat gloves.

And I have feet big enough to stand on. What good is a cape if you keep falling over?
Damn these tiny feet!
Enough discord. We are on the same side, and we have a mission. You can be Robin.
I am not Robin! I'm Batman!
No, I'm Batman. See, I've got the Bat Ears.

Here's the scene of the crime. Any clues?
Come on down and find out, Robin.
I tell you, I'm not Robin.


Once we figure out how this thing works, we can steal all the Nutella!
All the Nutella in the Universe!
It will all be Ours!
Now, Carter, you fly off this ledge and into the kitchen.
Carter! You must learn to land!
Yeah. Sure. Landing. Let's go try from the living room, where there's carpeting.

Batman! Look!
That's Maurice's cape!
I can swoop down on them thanks to my nifty Batcape. Too bad you aren't similarly equipped, Batman.
Never mind that. I will join you on my trusty blue steed. Then we'll give them some Bif! POW!

Your turn, Carlton. Just leap from this cat tree, fly into the kitchen, and grab the Nutella.

Behind you, Carlton!
It's me: Batman. Gotcha!
You too, Fatboy.
Wha! Batman! What tiny feet you have.
Never mind that. Surrender now, or I'll turn you over to the rats.
I have vanquished the enemy and recovered the cape, thanks largely to my ability to stand.

Here you are, Maurice, not a scratch on it.
Thank you so much, Batmen!
Think nothing of it. It's our pleasure and our duty to serve Good and conquer Evil.
What happened to the thieves?
We put them away in their box. They're not getting out for a long, long time.
Thanks again. It's time for me to go apple picking now.
Oops! Missed.
Agh! Missed again.
Oww! You really need to figure out how to land that thing.
Maybe Nancy will gather some apples for us.
Psst! Carter! The coast is clear!


Argent said...

This is hilarious!

Titus said...

Ecstasy! I always feel like I've taken some when I come here.