Friday, September 17, 2010

Cooper and his Friends

For today' blogging silliness, we have guest author and photographer Ellie U, coming at you straight from the fourth grade.

Cooper and His Friends Hello. Today we will be doing.... Kitty rides
We LOVE kitty rides!
They were SO much fun! Now lets go inside.Lets play a board game.
I hope we don`t get bored! What to do next?
I know! We could have a domino building contest! We're team 1. We're team 2. Here`s team 1`s tower... and here`s team 2`s. And the winner 1!
Me and Chuck are tired. You rats can play ball!
That`s a great idea! Oh no! I can`t find the ball! I got it! That`s all for today! Bye!

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Titus said...

Great to join you.