Thursday, August 26, 2010

spies in the house

Psst! Carlton, I spy Nutella on high.
Yes Carter! I see it too!
We must have this fabulous treasure!
Hey, Maurice, will you use your Superhero cape to fly up and get us some apples?
Please please?
Yes, Britta, yes, Astrid. I'd be happy to.

Oof. Still gotta work on that landing.
Let's go in and sit on the nice, soft, cushions.
Nice apple you got there.
Yeah! Hee hee hee. I like how it fell off the tree when you bonked it with your head.
There lies the secret to our success!
A Superhero Magical Flying Cape
Just the object indeed.
Let us steal it once the rabbit goes away.

Here it is! Not kept under lock and key, nor watch of any kind. Silly rabbit!
How does it work?
This we must discover, Carlton.
It appears to be a simple length of cotton cloth, embellished with a large M.
Do you see an "ON" switch anywhere? Any levers or buttons or pull cords?
Nothing of the sort, Carter. Perhaps it is voice-activated.

It is large for us. Perhaps we can use it as a magic carpet.
Up and Away!

It is a cape, after all. Perhaps it is necessary to wear it. The connection of the two ends may provide an essential circuit necessary to its function.
Off we GO!
Up Sesame!
I have noticed the rabbit always wears it with the M hanging off the back. Perhaps orientation is important.
Let me give you a boost.
I'm going up! going up!
And I'm going down!
It's not so good at landing.
Maybe we should try again later.

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Ben and Carrie Tracks said...

What a unique idea for a blog - so glad you came across ours so we could find yours! Happy to follow the adventures :)