Friday, January 29, 2010


Let's get in the luggage, quick. It's time to leave for Strasbourg.

Hey, isn't it the end of January already?
When are they going to put away the last of the Christmas decorations?
What is it?
It's Art.
Are you sure?

Look! A special treat! The European Parliament!
Oh. How special.
Isn't this exciting!
Is it supposed to be exciting?
Of course it is: It's Parliament!!!

I'm overwhelmed.
Can't you just feel the energy of dedicated men and women working hard for a better, more perfect union of Europe?
Is that what it is? I thought the rumbling was just this pod getting ready to go back to its home planet.

Playing on the swings - that's more like it!
Be careful Warren.

Um, perhaps we can find something fun to do that's both fun, and not so bruising.

We'll watch the swans go by in the canals.

And then we can go find something to eat.


Barry said...

I actually hadn't seen a photo of the European Parliament so I was just as amazed by it as Maurice was.

Did that pod take off before you left?

Melli said...

It's okay Nanu - I know they don't ALL speak English! But I sure do get tired of answering the same questions the same way allllllllllll the time! ;)