Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trials of a Gecko

Harold! I'm famished! Let's find some helpless creature to eat.
You're always hungry, Marguerite. Psst! Harold! What's that?
I think it's a gecko.
Really? It looks like an alien. It says "gecko" right on it.
Only if you can't spell.
Geckos are tasty.
Oooh! Let's get it, then!Look! It's making coffee. What's it doing now?
It's reading The Economist.
A gecko that reads The Economist?
You're right, it must be an alien. Do you think it's still tasty?
We're Tyrannosaurs, we'll eat anything!
Oh yeah. Let's go! Hey! What's it got there? A mechanical minion!
It's coming for me!
(We interrupt our programming for technical difficulties. Please stand by.*) It's coming for me! Run!!! Oh no! We've come to the edge of the world.
We'll just have to jump, Marguerite, and hope for the best. Nice toy robot you have there, Warren. Yep. Best 1€30 I ever spent.

(* Harold! There's the Mountain of Steak! Let's get it instead!
Naw. You know what happened last time. It's too fluffy.
Ah, right. But maybe we could go for the Soft Underbelly.)
Focus, Marguerite! We've got this gecko thing in our sights.

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