Monday, January 11, 2010

Putting Away

Alright everyone, time to take down the holiday decorations. They're fun, but they've been up long enough. Thanks for helping me with the tree ornaments, Warren.
How about if you rats give us a hand?
Oh, we're fine down here.

Afraid of heights.
You rats! Get up there and get the lights!
Awright. Sheesh.

I think we've got them all.

Hey, Maurice, you forgot one!

Aw, let it stay. It's nice to have a bird in the tree. Gives the cats something to think about.
How are you doing with the lights?

Just fine.
They're all down.
Good, now put them neatly in their box.
In the box?
What's he talking about?
I dunno.
Let's go get some cheese.


Barry said...

Beautiful and hilariously funny Nancy.

We took down our decorations on Sunday and could have used the rats help.

Well, once they got untangled.

steven said...

nanu - my daughter just went to bed so she'll have this to look forward to in the morning!! this is so funny and good. thanks. steven