Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Once I get these exams graded, we can go out for ice cream.
Quick! Quick!
Hmm. "A single patient (n = 1)." True enough.
"dinigulation" Er, I don't know that one. Dinigulation, anyone?
It means get on with it, we want ice cream!
"The protein is significantly lower with higher stage." Check. "In addition, the protein level diminishes with higher stage, but not significantly." Um, didn't we just say stage was significant?
Ice cream! That's what's significant!
Highly significant.
Oh, dear. I don't think I'm going to finish these today.
Yea! Let's go have ice cream now!


steven said...

marking - yuck! ice cream - by the shovelful. steven

Titus said...

Good Lord! Nearly my day. Except I ended up shouting at my rats.

Esotericus said...

We Ragged Ramblers applaud Pink Rabbit, especially Monty the Wise Weasel antiquarian. Huzzah!