Monday, February 14, 2011

England vs Italy

Here we are, ready for the match.

England vs Italy in the 6-Nations tournament. Let's root for Italy.
They've got better food.
Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

Hey, there's that English guy hurling himself at the end zone. Again.
That's what, the third time?
When does Italy get to do that?
Well that was the first half.
Are you sure we're rooting for the right team?
Of course we are! You wouldn't cheer for guys who eat Marmite, would you?
And mushy peas!
Er, well, mushy peas are a definite argument against. But...
Let's wait for the second half. Now that Italy knows all of England's tricks, they'll come out and win the game. I'm sure of it.

I thought Italy was going to come out and win.
There's that English guy crossing the goal line again!

Why are you wearing a paper clip on your nose, Laars?
It hurts. It helps me understand Italy.
Is one paper clip enough?

That's more like it.
Spaghetti, Lasagne!
Cannoli, Gelato!
Go Italy!!!

It hurts!
Make them stop!

That's it. Game over.
Thank goodness.
I'm rooting for England next time; they have, um, what do they have...
A good rugby team.


Titus said...

Haven't had to use a single peg myself yet. Mind you, France to come.

NanU said...

And looking forward to it, Titus!

Esotericus said...

I like the cut of your gib!