Sunday, January 23, 2011

Trip to Nancy

Here we are in Nancy.
Nancy? I thought Nancy was a person.
It is, but it's also a city in eastern France. Look, they've got a statue made of hearts.
It's kind of cool, actually.
And they've got swings!

oof. why does that always happen?
Derniere marche accessible. What does that mean?
It means the other steps are off limits. They're under water.

But that swan is accessing the next step. Hey! Get off of there!
It's a swan. It's feet are supposed to be wet.
Well, we're here in the main park. Sitting down for a hot chocolate. Where is everyone?
There's nobody.
Where's the waitress with our pastries?
They're closed.
It's January.
A good thing about Europe is you can always count on there being a lion statue somewhere near to pose with.


steven said...

get out their pink rabbit before the pigeons nail you! steven

Titus said...

Great holiday pics! Shame about the hot chocolate...