Sunday, January 9, 2011

A friendly rubber, rat style

Four spades.
Six spades.
Seven spades!

Eight spades!
You can't bid that!
Says who?
Says Lebel, that's who
I dunno no Lebel.
Sixteen spades it is, then.
How's he going to take 16 spades, with only 13 cards?
He's got extra aces up his sleeve.
Ah. Oh yes, that would do it.
Well done, Laars.
That'll be 16,320 points, please.
Take 'em; we're still winning with our 14 no-trump.
Say, how many aces are in this deck...?


steven said...

card sharks disguised as rats! steven

Argent said...

This reminds of when a friend tried to teach me Bridge! I was hopeless at it and the bidding code might as well have been in ancient Hebrew for all the sense I could ever make of it.