Saturday, November 13, 2010

The indestructable tail incident

Alright, rats, it's autumn, and it's time to work on the yard. This pile of branches pruned off the trees can be burned, too. We'll use the ashes for the vegetable garden.
You rake the leaves into a nice pile, while I put the laundry out to dry.
Hey! That Bjorn buried us in the leaves.
Cut it out, Bjorn!
NO fair throwing a heavy branch on us!
We'll get you, Bjorn.
Yeah, just catch me. I'm indestructable!

The pruning tool will get him.
Yeah! We'll snip his tail right off. Indestructible my buns.

Get him!
Hey, you guys aren't running with scissors there, are you?
Oh no.
We would never run with scissors.
This is a gardening device.
Alright, then.
You're not getting away this time, Bjorn!
I'm nottafraida you guys.
Ow Ow! Lemme go!
Say please.
I'm not sayin' please. Lemme go!

Ow ow Ow OW!
Did it work?
Er, it worked a little.
It didn't cut all the way through, though.

You guys tried to cut my tail off!
You buried us in leaves, and crushed us with a log!
Well, I'm sorry about that.
We're sorry too. Let's go get some lunch.

Aren't you rats done raking the leaves up yet?
What's taking so long?
Bjorn had a little tail thing...
Oh, okay.

How's your tail, Bjorn? I heard you had a little accident.
Yes. Um. It's fine. I put a bandage on it.
It's wonderful how you rats all get along together so well. Always playing and having great fun.
Isn't it!

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Titus said...

Oh, that was edge of the seat stuff. I don't need this much excitement past midnight...