Tuesday, November 23, 2010

cat tree

Look! A huge present!
What do you think it is?

These instructions are rather obscure, but I think we can get it put together.

Are you sure this is right.
What the heck is it?
It's got little dangly balls with bells in them - it must be a cat tree!
A fabulous cat tree, with padded seats and everything. All the cats can get on it at once.
Yeah, right! They don't go anywhere all at once except to the catfoodbowl.
There's one who's nostalgic for the old one already.


Argent said...

We bought a cat tree for ours and they hardly even looked at it. But an old cardboard box? Now you're talking!

NanU said...

Bandersnatch adores her cat tree. She's spewing wood chips all over the living room now, because the old one has been so thoroughly clawed. She'll get to the new one as soon as the old is out the door.

Titus said...

I am, as a dog person, somewhat agog. Two old socks tied together is the sum total in these here parts.

But then, dogs can't climb.
And they like you.

NanU said...

Well, I have cats of vastly different flavors.
The one likes nothing more than going out and getting a mouse. No cat tree for her, though she's a real slut for petting.
The other one doesn't go out, and can be endlessly amused by a shoelace, or a box, or both together.
The other other one will put a paw out for the shoelace, but only if she doesn't have to get up for it. This one has shredded the old cat tree well into the wood. Though it is true she only likes you when the catfoodbowl is empty.

Titus said...

That's a pack. That's a pack of cats!