Sunday, August 15, 2010

Story for the P-Bus

It's the Poetry Bus! This week our mission is to riff off of a kid's story.
Well, I think we can do that. Everybody ready for a story?
Yes Yes Tell us!
Once upon a time there was a woodcutter and his wife, who lived deep in the forest...
That's a woodcutter?
Yes, that's the woodcutter and his wife. They do, um, teak or something. Very nice wood.
Ahem, the woodcutter had cut down all the nice teak trees until there weren't any left, and with the global economic crisis and all, their investments tanked and they just couldn't make ends meet. So they decided to get rid of the kids, where were eating them out of house and home anyway. Hey, kids, lets go for a walk in the woods.
I thought there weren't any woods left. There was woods left, but they were just regular trees, all twisted and gnarly. Nobody wanted to buy them.
So they went for a walk in the woods, and late in the afternoon the woodcutter told them to stay put while he went and got them something to eat.
Mmmm I can hardly wait to eat, Greta.
Harold, I'm famished. When's Dad coming back? Is he bringing steaks?

But they waited and waited and the woodcutter didn't come back. Suddenly, a giant ogre appeared.
HO HO! What have we here! A couple of tender morsels for my stew! The ogre swept up Harold and Greta and stuffed them in his sack. Back in the ogre lair, he threw them into the stewpot, where other terrified victims were already floating. As the meaty ogre turned his back to start a fresh green salad to go with his stew, Harold and Greta leapt out of the pot. They leapt onto the ogre and devoured him right down to the bones. Temporarily full, they let the grateful captives go.
Thank you! Thank you!

Meanwhile, back in the woodcutter's mansion, the woodcutter and his wife were starting find the house empty and quiet.
It's so nice to have the place to ourselves! Mom! Dad! We're back!
Oh! Why yes you are, my darlings.
What's for dinner? We're hungry.
Yes, I'm sure my dears. Let's go look what's in the cupboard.
And they lived happily ever after.
Are you sure?
Why do they always live happily ever after?
What did they have for dinner?
Is it our turn for dinner?
And that's our Poetry Bus ticket for this week. To check out the other riders, click here!
Heh heh heh.

Now we are free from that digusting ogre, we can get on with our nefarious plans!
Yes! We will rule the world!


Rachel Fox said...


Niamh B said...

Watch out Toy Story!!
Fab - am jealous of the toys!!!

NanU said...

I do enjoy playing with my toys. Should do it more often!

Enchanted Oak said...

Hello, little wabbit. Your story rocks. I liked visiting all the places you've visited lately. I also liked reading the titles of the books in your shelves. And your vases. A lovely collection. You can go for a Bus ride with us this week, and tell us more stories. You're good at this. (Sorry about the prompt confusion. Hey! Who's driving this Bus? Is there anyone at the wheel? Oh, crap! It's a phantom driver! He doesn't have a license! Seat belts on, everybody! What a ride, what a ride!)

Erratic Thoughts said...

This is just wowy!You have an incredible way with soft toys.I just loved the way you weave a story about these little toys...:)
I enjoyed it!
The woodcutter wife is so sweet!

the watercats said...

I love this.. I love the whole blog.. just spent a while being entertained, particularly love the barbeque cleaning episode!
Don't think it matters that your poem was a story, completely unrelated to the challenge, lol.. it's feckin great!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Story? And pictures? And ogre devouring dinosaurs? What more could you want?

Did they eat mom and dad too?
I do hope so!

NanU said...

Ha! TFE. Read this one, then!