Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend at La Fabrie

I went with Nancy to spend the weekend at William's & Jerome's place in the countryside near Besse last weekend. As usual, that joker Laars tagged along.

We tried to take the trail that goes around Lake Pavin, but it was closed for too much snow. It's mostly melted now.
The trail on the shady side is open about 1/4 of the way around, so we went as far as we could.
The lake itself is frozen over. There were a bunch of scientists in the middle working on something, but we didn't go all the way out. I'll write more later after work.


Si's blog said...

Googled Besse. Learned lots of neat stuff. Lapin rose (having fun trying to redo high school French) is teaching me a lot.

Great pictures.

Si's blog said...

p.s. (See, I can speak Latin, also) Here is a Brit whose wily weasel travels around: I think my French is better than my British.

sciencegirl said...

Hi Si,
thanks for the link to the weasel - it looks really cool!
Perhaps Maurice will blog in french tomorrow.