Sunday, February 15, 2009


There's not too much going outside and exploring in the winter. I hate being cold and wet! Let's make nachos for dinner instead. I seem to have everything I need.
There we go. Some recyclable foil for easy cleanup. A carefully arranged single layer of plain tortilla chips (no chip without cheese, no cheese without a chip!), onion greens, cilantro, chipotle pepper bits...
Adding the cheese always draws a crowd!
In the toaster oven to get nice and melted.
And there we are! A little hot sauce on there, an ice-cold beer; and dinner fit for kings! Bon appetit.


Si's blog said...

A Tex-Mex French pink rabbit! That is a new one.

Does your rabbit ever get its picture taken on the beach in Nice? Ready to see that photo.

sciencegirl said...

And he likes Belgian beer.
As soon as I get back to Nice he'll be photographed on the esplanade and all. This weekend it's Besse-en-Chandress in an unheated cabin.