Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sunday at the Fabrie

Breakfast at the Fabrie means a huge bowl of hot chocolate - Van Heutens! - and toast with butter or jam or cheese.
Then it's outside for some morning exercise. Here we are taking off for parts unknown. Or at least, a field not currently occupied by cows.
Laars got stuck on a fence. That rat is always getting stuck somewhere.
But we eventually escaped with all of our stuffing, and went inside to have lunch. Poor William, we only left him a little tiny piece of cantal cheese. And lots of fried potatos with garlic, and potted duck; it's unlikely he starved.

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Si's blog said...

Like the shots. What is the carton labeled "Daddy". Is there a "Mommy", too?

And the pictures of the snowy fields and tubing. Wyeth painting?