Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lost Civilization of Buns

After Cuzco we explored another archeological site: Caral. 
Caral is all the rage now. It's too recently discovered to be in all the guidebooks, so only people who know go there. Nancy and I now belong to this elite.
I'm glad we have a guide to the ruins, because otherwise I wouldn't make head nor cottontails of what's what. This is the town clock, apparently.
And that's me & Nance, in front of some other significant item. It's remarkably round, is all I know.
We didn't stay the night in Caral because all the hotels seem to be piles of interesting rubble. Instead we stayed in Huacho and took a walk along the beach. These kids were on their way home to dinner and wanted to know all about us. Showing your tummy must be some special Peruvian ritual greeting.
Next: Lima!

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