Saturday, December 11, 2010

Heros conference

Men! Look at them. Always going on about how they saved the day.

How they rescued some kitten from a tree.
How indestructable they are.

We'll drop this 16-ton weight on them and see how they do!
bombs away!
Ow! Hey, cut it out!
Holy brickbats, Maurice, we're being attacked!

Help me with this other one, Astrid.

I don't think we can save him this time, Batman.
Ow! Me! I can be saved! A little help with this brick?

Poor Harold. I guess I kind of believed him after all.

Um, guys? The brick?...



steven said...

this is crazy good funny twisted and cool!!! thanks - coffee and the devastation of a former superhero!!! saturday morning is the best morning of the week! steven

Titus said...

AAAAARGH! From all of us.
Love the nonchalant cat legs. And the whole conference actually, and really, you can't fall out with their scientific method.

I did cry a bit.

Bagman and Butler said...

Thank you. I am finally beginning to understand why we are making so little progress on global warming. We keep sending dinosaurs and comic superheroes to conferences.

Ben and Carrie Tracks said...


Hadn't been back in a couple weeks and really enjoyed catching up on the latest adventures!

Happy Holidays!
-Carrie and Ben