Sunday, December 19, 2010


Here it is again, Marguerite, the Mountain of Steak.
Let's get it! I'm so hungry, Harold!

Aughhhh! It's on me! I'm suffocating under the fluff!

I'll save you, Marguerite.
Ooof. It won't budge.

Whew. Thank goodness it was distracted by the activity in the kitchen.
Run away before it sits on us again!
Here's a nice plate of festive chocolates.
Let's go to the market for cheese and carrots, and we'll have a great feast this afternoon.
Can't we eat them now?
Yes, I think I need chocolate fortification before braving the thronging crowds of the market.
You rats just wait. You'll appreciate them even more later.
Dive in!
**20 minutes later**
uuuuuhhhh. I can barely move.
That was delicious, Harold. There's not a single one left.

...yeah, "let's wait"...
..."we'll appreciate them so much more"...


1 comment:

steven said...

those little mechanical monsters must be like portals to a black hole. how could they put away so much?!!! steven