Friday, April 16, 2010

Warren takes off.

Hey there you are, Warren. I've been looking for you for days.
I've been playing hide & seek with the rats. I think I may have won, but I couldn't get the door open to find out.
Ah, yes. The rats did seem rather satisfied with themselves recently.
That's better. It's a good hiding place, but it's freezing in there!
I'll bet. Nancy's starting to pack for the trip to Washington. Let's get a good spot.
We should be comfy in here.
Where's that package of dark chocolate eggs from Easter?
I though it was in the cupboard.
Not there. Have you rats seen the dark chocolate eggs?
Who, us? Chocolate eggs? No, never saw 'em.

Darn. Oh well, we don't really need more chocolate after all.
Time to go!
Bye, everyone! It's been a great vacation here in France.
Leaving already? OK.
Finally they're gone.
Break out the eggs!
Mm, these things are great!
Good call to hide them behind the catfood.
Hey, who's that at the door?
No fair! They're back!

Uh, hey, you're back...
Yes. Paris is closed because of some volcano in Iceland.
We're stuck here until Monday.


What have you got there?
Oh this!
Um, I guess the chocolate eggs got sort of accidentally put with the catfood.
Those cats. Can't trust 'em!
They seem to have eaten them all, too.
Bad cats!


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