Thursday, December 3, 2009

San Diego Friends

More of my San Diego adventures.
On Saturday we went hiking around Lake Hodges in Escondido with Kim and Terry. There they are getting away down the trail.
Kim does this Geo Treasure hunt thing where people hide stuff and give the GPS coordinates and you go out and find them.
I found one!
On Saturday we met up with Linda for lunch and then fruit and nut shopping at Bates Brothers Nut Farm.
They have barrels of candy there!
And bags and bags and bags of nuts and dried fruits.
We got chocolate covered peanuts, and cashews, and sesame sticks, and sour balls, and lots of stuff. We're set for munchies for the year!
On Monday Ira treated us to Mexican food and margaritas for lunch in Encinitas.
Then we went walking around one of the lagoons,
and along the beach at Carlsbad.
Somebody had made this BIG sand shark. It might look just like a pile of sand, but I could tell because it still had rocks for teeth in its scary mouth.

On Thursday we went swinging with Wendy and Jennifer, her chihuahua.
I like swinging.
I've been swinging in many different towns and countries, but I can't seem to get the 'hang' of it.

Stop that laughing!

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