Monday, October 19, 2009

Food Fight

Ok, now this is on the poetry bus, I just have to apologise for utterly misleading all of you, because how can it be I have 'no time at all' to sit and consider and write poetry, and then I sit on the bus, the regular bus, going from errand to errand around town, dreaming not of death and strange films but of what one can do with cheap plastic figures, and I get home and play with my toys? where are my priorities??? So forgive me. On the bus for real next week, I promise! As long as it's not Plath...Marguerite! I'm not finding anything to eat here. Are you sure this is where the humans keep their food?
Keep looking, Harold. The humans come over here all the time when they're feeding.

Hey, over here. Now this is where they keep the good stuff.

Open it! There's chocolate pudding inside, I know it!
I'm trying, I'm trying!
Let's try it from here.
You lower me down and I'll open the door.

C'mon, a little lower!

Ack! Harold! I can't hold on!
My little arms are too short!

Just a minute more, Marguerite. I've almost got it.

Maybe we should find something else to eat tonight. I'm just not a tool-using species.


Bon travail les matelots! Le tresor est à nous, et ces gros fainants mangeurs de foin à terre nourrient les poissons se soir.

Hissent-le sur les épaules et cap au repaire! Un mesure de rhum pour tout et chaqun.
Oui, Monsieur le Captaine Redde!

Ahh, c'est ça ma belle. Si crémeux. Si raffiné.
Mettez-la sur l'assiette, qu'on mange comme il faut.

Psst! Harold! What's that over there?
Is it a mountain of whipped cream and puff pastry?
It is! It is!
Looks like dinner to me.
Let's go! RRRrAAAAAArrrrr

Oh, Harold, I just love it when you roar. It's so frightening!
Eh? Mais que est-ce que ç'est, ça?
Garde à vous, matelots!

Get em, Harold!
Ouf. Bah.

Victory to the strongest! Give up, or we will eat you!
Je me rends.
mmmm, Harold, you're my hero.



Eh! I can't see! Hahaha
Oh no! I'm being attacked! Help!
Final score:
Pirates 0; Tyrannosaurs 1; Cats 1


Jeanne Iris said...

Well, I enjoyed playing with your little rodent there, fed him/her a lot of pellets, so (s)he should be satisfied for a while.

Amazing how well your visuals clearly define the hidden philosophical significance of both the movie and the Plath poem! ;)

Karen said...

Love it!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Harold and margueritte were lovers ,they were also dinosaurs made of plastic.They were born from pieces in peace time, they hadn't been where we'd been.hadn't seen what we'd seen.How did they know the pirates would come.They weren't looking for a fight they were looking for food.(They already had love)They could could beat them-the pirates.T Rex were the ultimate predators, all the books said so. But all things are relative, especially relatives, and not al things in books are true. these drastic plastic warriors were no match.The cat always gets the cream.

Dominic Rivron said...

You were lucky to catch your plastic figures in the act. Ours just sit here doing nothing. David Attenborough would be proud!

Titus said...

NanU: I don't care what sex you are, or that I'm already married.
I want to marry you.
Sublime work.

gégé said...

elle est super cette histoire j'adore surtout le coup de la ficelle pour ouvrir le congel