Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bunny in Bruges

This is our hotel room in Bruges, Belgium. It's on a boat! I guess that's why there are life jackets in every room. I hope I'm not expected to wear one the whole time I'm here.
Here's a tour boat getting ready for a tour of the canals.
Like anywhere in Europe, there's big statuary everywhere.
I must be getting famous...
A flea market! Let's go!
There are pink rabbits waiting to be rescued there, I just know there are. I can hear them squeaking.

And I was right.
This is Emily and her little bunnies.
Thank you so much, sir for rescuing us from the mean Flea Market Man! He kept us in a cardboard box and tried to sell us!
My pleasure, Emily. It's the least I could do.
Take care, now!


What A Lame Excuse said...

your blog reminds me of a cellphone commercial I saw where the stressed business dad took pictures of his trip with his daughter's bunny everywhere. Nicely done.

steven said...

hello nanu - superb!! my daughter dressed and took care of her pink bunny by buying barbie clothes and accessories. as a result, whenever her bunny travels with us she has her own deckchair, sunglasses, evening items etc. sweet posting nanu!!! steven