Sunday, September 20, 2009

Horrible Harold and Monstrous Margeurite

Oh, Harold, you're such a sweetheart to remember my birthday! What a tasty-looking morsel for our dinner!
Let's dig in while its still twitching, Margeurite.
Mmmm, fresh bunny...
Hey! It's getting away!
Stop that rabbit!
Get it, Harold!
Er, it seems to have brought along another of its kind.
You can take it, Harold!
Get it!
We'll be feasting for weeks!

I dunno, Marguerite, it seems awfully large...
Get it! Sink your razor-sharp teeth into its chubby toe there!
Naw, you know what happened the last time, with that stuffed bear thing. Polyester stuffing everywhere. Yuck. I tell you, those things are not good eating.
You're just chicken.
I am not chicken. You just forget you had indigestion for a week last time.
...the size of the thing!...
...yeah, the size of it...


steven said...

they need to get their buddy the flame-thrower robot and bbq the big pink thing!!!!

gégé said...

génial super j'adore ils sont top

NanU said...

et c'est pas tout! à suivre...