Sunday, August 2, 2009

A rabbit in Culoz

C'mon Nancy, let's see where this train is heading!
I'm all excited. I love going exploring. When are we going to get there? Whaddya mean, not today? We have to stay over in Lyon?
OK. They have great coffee and muffins for breakfast in Lyon.
And here's our next train. It's not quite so sleek and lovely as the last one.
Ah, fresh air at last. Let's hike around this mountain for a while.
Betcha can't catch me!
Which way is lunch??
Ohhh, cool. Abandoned trains! All the neat picx will be over at Have Genes will Travel on Monday.
Hmmm. These look just like the sort of rocks you pile on top of other rock
Actually, it's not easy to get them to stay.
Back in Lyon the next day. Look at the treasures we got at the book fair! Good thing the hike is over...
Hey look, I'm in a fountain, and I'm not even getting wet!
...Well, maybe a little bit...
See you after a new adventure next week!


A Scattering said...

Maurice, you are soooo lucky to have such great adventures and a personal photographer to record them.

Si's blog said...

He does get around to neat places. Really enjoy his photographs.