Sunday, August 9, 2009

In the Isère with Ingmar

Off I go again to discover a new part of France. This time, Ingmar is coming with us. He's never been on a train before.
Ingmar! get down from there! You're not supposed to be crawling all around the train.
And leave the people in the next row alone.
Ill-mannered rat.There are lots of trails around Lake Aigbelette. We took the one to Le Mont Grêle. Ingmar wanted to go to La Pissoire. Doesn't "pissoire" mean "urinal" in French? Why would they name a place after that?
Ah, isn't it nice to get out in the fresh air and walk around?
Where's that rat?
Oh, I see what you're interested in. Get down from there!
Hey! Bad rat! Get off of the train track before you're a flat rat.
And get away from the train station stuff!
You can't take this rat anywhere!
I mean it, Ingmar! You'll be spending the rest of the trip in Nancy's backpack if you don't knock it off!
Bad Rat!
Geeze, Ingmar. Out of the trash can.
Now let's be civilized. The chocolate eclair is for sharing.

Time to go home. Next time I'm inviting Astrid. She's a nice, well-behaved rat.


Si's blog said...

Let's hear it for not being well behaved. We have to grow old but we do not need to grow up.

Patty said...

I saw you were trying to get people to read this blog. It is adorable. Every once in awhile I prance out crabby for a shoot. He says he wants his own blog, but I don't have enough time for my own. Maybe one day.

Um? Wonder what would happen if you crossed a rat, rabbit, and a crab?