Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vienna adventure

Let's start off our tour with Lunch! I'll take care of the salad. That's the hugest cordon bleu I've ever seen.
"One in Pink"! They knew I was coming!
Hmm, pretty big for a rabbit-hole. Not very discreet at all.
Hey, there is somebody down there! And it's not a rabbit.
It's Sunday, and sometimes you have to wait a few minutes for the streetcar to come for you.
My buddy Anton. I like his odd-numbered symphonies the best. 5. 7. 9.
One of those guys pretending to be a statue.
Some on-the-wall companions.I'm being bad! I wriggled through the fence and climbed up onto the big statue in front of one of the metro stations. How can one town have so many statues???
An empty pedestal. I wonder where its statue went.
Who's feet am I standing among?
It's Lions! They've got lions all over the place here. I just hope there are no live ones looking to snack on a tender rabbit.
My friend the Little Elephant in the Museum District.
Here are my buddies The Greek Philosophers, hanging out in the big chairs set out just for them in front of the parliament building. Tourists don't get chairs.
A rabbit! In fact, there are lots and lots of rabbits in the park along the river. I saw 'em. They were hiding in the bushes.
And to finish up, wiener schnitzel at a sidewalk café. I'll have the salad please.

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Gordon said...

Mighty Maurice has been busy. I need to get Scruffy cranked up posting his pictures. Very huorous posts. I enjoy Pinky's adventures. Thanks for the fun.