Sunday, May 3, 2009

Flat Ellie (1)

Who's this in the mail?

It's Flat Ellie!

Ellie is here to visit for a few days. I'm going to show her around town a little.
Today Nancy wants to get some gardening done. She's thinking of mowing the lawn. Ellie and I agree: the yard definitely needs mowing. It's up past my ears! A rabbit could really get lost out here. Or he could hide from cats.
So last weekend Nancy went and bought a new mower. She wants to have the most environmentally-friendly yard possible. That means no icky polluting gas-powered mower. And she wants to get some exercise, thus the old-fashioned hand-mower. I'm surprised they still sell those things!
So off we go. We're going to mow - I'll let you know how it turns out! Personally, I think if she thinks she's going to mow a quarter acre of wild meadow with this little hand-crank, she's crazy.

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Si's blog said...

Maurice needs to visit the baths after getting all messy. Need to see a picture of that. Nancy, too.