Monday, March 23, 2009


I got to go exploring this weekend. In the small town of Tarare, along the main avenue there are some nicely trimmed bushes. The french have a lot of fun trimming their bushes into fun sculptures.
Of course we took a long walk in the countryside. It's still early spring, so as soon as you were in a shadow it was really cold. The puddles were all frozen over.
Hey look, a personal skating rink! What do you mean this is the cows' water dish. I don't see any cows here.
In town they're making a new fountain with a pedestal just for rabbits.
At the train station there were these strange cages, like for bad dogs. The sign says they're for bicycles. So your bike doesn't misbehave when you leave on a train.
I'm ready to go home and have some carrots. Where's the train?

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