Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday with Hannah

Here I am with Flat Hannah at one of the local Wallace fountains. Mr Wallace decided that clean drinking water should be available for all, and had these installed all over France (though mostly in Paris). They're still around, but this one is just a dribble of water, and it's rather icky close up.
The Cathedral in Clermont is really big and black. Built on a hill in the middle of town, it's like a huge black rabbit with its twin spires.
Another fountain. The little cup symbol means you can drink this water (at least, if you held a cup under the spout). Hannah accidentally caught a gust of wind and fell in, but we dried her off and she's good as new.
These little round things on the ground are all over town. Every town has them. The designs are for local heros. In Clermont there are three: Pope Urban the 2nd (he started the Cruisades, right here from Clermont, some hero!), Vercingetorix, local boy who held off Ceasar for a while, and the mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal.
That's all for today. Tomorrow we'll visit the market in Aubière.

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