Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vacation with Darrell

Darrell is visiting for a couple of weeks and we're going to go all around and see stuff we haven't seen before. Laar and I were having dinner and Darrell thought that Laars was sitting at his place. There was room for everybody after all, and we had cheese and salad and another cheese and bread and weird mustard and duck stuff and pears.

The next day we went off to see parts of France we haven’t seen before. We went to Sarlat-la-Canéda, which is in the Perigord region. It’s a duck and goose-raising place. We never did see any actual ducks or geese except on dinner plates. These are some pictures from around the old city.

I was looking over the free books that people leave behind and they almost forgot to take me with them!
Later we went to La Roque-Gageac, where people used to live in caves in the cliffs above the river and where most of the houses are still built into the cliffside, so you might have a 1000-year old cellar.

They had a really cool-looking castle there and we wanted to go explore but it was somebody’s house and they didn’t invite us in.
But never mind, there are a Great Many castles in this part of France. They’re everywhere. You can stand in one place and look around and see four or five sometimes. We just went on to the next one. Castelnaud was neat, but you couldn’t always go where you wanted. It’s so steep in the town that people tend to sit down on the ancient slate roofs. I guess this one got sat on too many times, but it really does have the best view of the castle! It’s hard to read, but it says ‘this is a roof! No sitting!’ in several languages.

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