Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stay-over at Jérôme's

Here I am at Jérôme’s. He sews a lot. A real pro.
When he went out, Laars and I got to play. Laars was playing with the pin cushion and got stuck in it. He wiggled his way out, but not without a certain amount of difficulty.

Then I found this really nice scissors. Really sharp and shiny.Laars said not to play with scissors, but I think that’s just because his were smaller.
We were having a really great time with all of Jérôme’s stuff. Then he came home and made us clean up. We had to clean ourselves up too, because Laars got lint and bits of thread all over him; here we are drying.
On Wednesday Nancy and Darrell came over and had tea. Jerome served us little cakes and after that it was time to go home.

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elfchild said...

G is delighted by the adventures of Maurice whom she remembers vaguely from your last visit.