Wednesday, August 13, 2008

California adventures

Ah, California. Land of endless beaches, mountains, and deserts.... endless suburbs, jammed freeways and fast food joints. Extreme in every way. First stop: San Onofre State Beach. San Onofre is one of those places you drive past a hundred times, each time thinking, "you know, it'd be a lot more fun down there on that deserted beach than hanging out on I-5 for another hour". But by the time you've thought of that the exit is long gone and the next one is waaaaaay far (16 miles!). Or if you're heading north, you just have to get to LA or you wouldn't be on the freeway in the first place.
Here I am on the beach. Tuesday is a good day to have it all to yourself.

They were short on lifeguards, so I took my turn, but this big muscly blond guy in a red and white t-shirt said lifeguarding wasn't for rabbits. Hey, there might be a rabbit out there who needs saving.

I tried going out in the water, but it was cold and I don't like to get my plush soggy. What if a wave came and and took me to China?

Then I found the Post of Lost Sunglasses. Did that say "Explosion Area"? No? OK. I'm getting a little faded; I was hoping to brush up on my glow-in-the-dark qualities here next to the nuclear power plant. Nukes on the beach! This California is not for the faint of heart.

After that, we went to an SCA event in the grand Kingdom of Caid. More excitement! The humans all dressed up, but they didn't have anything my size. It was more authentic this way; we bunnies have always gone around in our bunnysuits anyway. When it came to playing with the big guys, though, I did wish I had just a little bit of armor. And maybe a sword. Ouch.

Time for a hike. Let's go explore some of that Southern California nature. There are lots of little-known spots in San Diego County where you can get away without going very far. Here I am conquering my very own rock.
Of course, hiking can be full of dangerous trials.

Like crossing this stream near Fallbrook. I thought I was going to be a wet rabbit, for sure. And sometimes the plant life is all spiny and mean.

Then finally we got to this place where somebody had arranged a little scene of stones and leaves and bits of wood, like an altar to the goddess of nature. It was just perfect.

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