Thursday, August 7, 2008

Talk like a Pirate Adventure

This time for vacation we went to Indianapolis. Very cool place, lots to do. There's hiking with the folks - though don't let them throw you in the pond. Snapping turtles down there. Painful on the cottontail.

Here they are, Hog Eye Navvy, singing their little pirate hearts out.

In the evening when it's too dark for hiking and the Hog Eye Navvy concert for Talk Like a Pirate Day is over, you can tour Home Depot. Midnight? No matter; if you need a new extension cord they've got you covered. Now there's nightlife. I like to climb the ladders when nobody's looking.

No??? Awwwww.

Not your ordinary mailbox. Ah, but you knew that. You've seen them. As a french rabbit, I had no idea you americans employed robots to collect mail. This one seems to be broken - it doesn't beep or anything.

Now, has D been waiting too long for his dinner, or is he practicing for the Talk Like a Pirate Day festivities?

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