Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow day

 Hey look, it snowed last night!

Let's build a snowman, quick before it's gone.
 Brrr! it's cold out.
My tail is frozen.
It must be forty below!
 Where's Bunnyboy?
Went to get a scarf.
A scarf!
chicken! braaaawk!!
What's a little cold?
 Wait for me, guys!
 He looks ridiculous.
Like some frail San Diegan, all wrapped in wool.
Looks warm, though.
 I can see the use of a scarf.
Yeah, not so bad.
 Um, I can't get my paws out to build that snowman.
Me neither.
Me neither!
My tail is still frozen.
Well tuck it in.
I think there's hot chocolate in the kitchen.
Ah! now there's the life!
My buns are hot.
Oh, you think!
I'm an entirely hot Bun.