Monday, April 2, 2012

Egg hunt

Well, guys, the lawn is mowed. All this yardwork is tiring! 
I'm hungry; let's have lunch.
How about omelettes? A nice, fluffy omelette sounds great. Fresh eggs, cheese, some ham in there...
 Hey! No eggs.
No eggs here, either!
We'll just have to steal some from the chicken.
Ooooh, omelettes for lunch with stolen eggs, even better.
There she is!
She's sitting on something!
Your eggs or your life, chickie!
Oh, my goodness! Help! thieves! Brigands!
What's this? A ball of yarn?
But of course it's a ball of yarn. Fine merino, in fact. You don't expect me to sit on an egg all day, do you? Seriously! Those things are hard as rocks. My poor tender bottom. Bruised black & blue! 

Not to mention if it cracks. Then you've got an awful mess in your nest, and this one is so perfectly situated under the cherry tree. I'd have to find a new spot near the apricot, and the view just isn't as good there. An egg. The idea! Goodness me, I switched to yarn ages ago. Socks are good too: folded socks. Or a stuffed animal. See? That's very comfy.

Hey! Cutitout! Get'eroffme!
I think there's peanut butter for sandwiches, Laars.
Yeah, let's go have sandwiches.


The Bug said...

Ha! Love love it!

Dana said...

Wonderfull story!!!
But I thought the rats would be hunting for chocolate eggs?!?!

NanU said...

stay tuned, Dana, stay tuned!